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A 'Distinct Brand' for your Real Estate needs!

Two good friends decided to become business partners, and voilá, Jordan & Jordan Realtors was born. Everyone in town knows Barry, the banker and Bill, the realtor. Townspeople know them by reputation. Fun guys to be around, good sense of humor, but smart, cautious, lots of common sense and dependable, guys who would never let you down. They provide over 60 years of Real Estate and Finance experience. 

These two trustworthy guys who uniquely complement one another know all about high desert living. They have lived here for a lifetime and traveled every road in Central and Eastern Oregon time and time again. So they will be your scouts. They want to help you find your dream as they are living theirs.  

It takes a special kind of a person to live in Central and Eastern Oregon. It’s a wonderful life but it’s not for everyone. If you yearn for the high desert and you want to make it your home, Barry and Bill will be your best resource. They have spent their lives introducing people to this culture and sharing what they know about our unique heritage.

"A positive attitude may not solve every problem but it makes solving any problem a more pleasant experience." - Grant Fairley

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